Dusty Girls had contacted me a couple weeks ago and sent me their Earth Cream and Blush.  To be honest, I had never heard of them but I wish I would have…their stuff is legit!  They are an Australian company but have a US base as well.  Their premise is that your skin looks better once it’s been in the country.  Fresh faced with the minerals and clay from the earth.  Only pure ingredients that don’t damage the skin, but create a healthy balance.  Well, sign me up!

I couldn’t wait to try their Tinted Earth Cream.  It’s basically a tinted moisturizer but so much better!  I was a little shocked at how amazing the product actually was.  Honestly, I’m a pretty hard sell.  I was in a hurry, and just grabbed it to rub on before going out the door.  As I looked in my rearview mirror in the car I was surprised how great my skin looked.  It didn’t look greasy, and it looked even.  I’ve strayed from tinted moisturizers in the past because I always felt they left my skin with little coverage and an oily face.  Not something I wanted.  Did I mention it held up too?  I worked out in it, and it was still on my face…hello!  It is light, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing this heavy foundation, but it actually covers my redness and just pulls my face together to create a flawless, finished look.  They offer two colors, medium and light.  I got medium.  It looks dark when you squirt it out, but it goes on much lighter, a little goes a long way.  The ingredients are amazing.  Full of good oils that don’t clog pores but nourish your skin.  It’s great for those who suffer from acne too.  It has a small amount of Sun protection, with SPF 5, that’s all natural.   Dusty Girl’s whole idea of the Tinted Earth Cream is you don’t need to put anything else on before application.  No lotion, or serum, since the Earth Cream moisturizes.  If you tend to have oily skin, this may work perfect for you, but for my dry/combination skin I needed to apply my usual serum before the Tinted Earth Cream.  It’s a matte, dewy finish.  Not matte that your skin looks dry, and not dewy that your skin is oily.  Just a perfect balance…seriously my skin loves it and I’ve been wearing it everyday since.  Trust me you guys need this!  My mom and sister tried it as well and are fans.  It’s especially great for summer and the warm weather.  At $16.95, this is a winner all around!


The Natural Mineral Blush comes in two colors, Pink Ladies and Golden Delicious.  I tried the Golden Delicious, and it did not disappoint.  It’s more of a bronzey/golden color.  I haven’t tried a blush this color before, and I’m really loving it for summer.  I already have a little color from the sun, and so I don’t need to go as heavy with my bronzer in the warmer months.  This is the perfect alternative because it warms up my cheeks, and gives them a sun kissed look.  I loved how the powder didn’t stick to my face in certain spots but just went on evenly.  Sometimes mineral makeup can cake up, but this is so seamless!  I can’t wait to try the Pink Ladies.  This is $22.95 for a large compact that will last you forever!


Dusty Girls is definitely here to stay.They have several other products, and I’ll be reviewing more of them within the next couple weeks.  Can’t wait to share them with you!

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