So if you guys have been reading along, you’ll have noticed that I already did a previous review for Dusty Girls.  They were so gracious to send me some more makeup to try out.  I couldn’t wait to test it out!  I already loved their Tinted Earth Cream and Mineral Blush.  This time around I had the privilege of testing out their Sunshine Mineral Bronzer, Natural Mineral Foundation Powder, Night Fall Mineral Mascara, and their Argyle Pink Mineral Lip Shine.  (For a full review on the other two products I tested out, as well as more info. on Dusty Girls click here)

I wanted to mention that Dusty Girls is a great line to switch to from mainstream makeup to green/clean beauty.  They have non-toxic, good for your skin ingredients, don’t overwhelm you with a gazillion products, and are reasonably priced.  What more could you want??  Here are all the juicy deets:



I was so excited to get a bronzer that wasn’t a loose powder.  There aren’t a ton of bronzers in the natural market, and then actually finding ones that work can be even more challenging.  This gives me the perfect bronzed look with a hint of shimmer.  It isn’t highly pigmented, so it just glides over my skin so easily-no patches.  It’s free from all the nasties too!  Oh and did I mention it retails for $22.95?  Yeah, such a good price for a stellar product.



Couldn’t wait to try this product!  I tend to have dry skin and finding a mineral foundation powder that isn’t drying can be hard.  I have discovered a lot of it can be in application, and how you apply it.  Always use a facial oil pre-application if you do have dry skin, and let it sit five minutes before applying.  This didn’t look cakey on my skin, and wasn’t super drying.  I found the best method for me is to use a kabuki brush, and tap some product into the lid and swirl my brush in there.  Then I tap the excess off the brush.  This ensures I have a clean even application.  I was really impressed with how well it held up, especially with summer’s humid heat.  I also used it to set my eyelids before applying eyeshadow and loved it.  I tend to have oily eyelids and this picked up all the excess oil.  I used it to set my Tinted Earth Cream from them as well, and loved the combo of the two together.  It gave me a little more coverage adding the Mineral Foundation Powder and didn’t feel heavy.  If you’re used to Bare Minerals and are looking to make the switch to clean beauty products, this would be perfect.  It retails for $26.50-again a steal!



This is a great mascara for those wanting a more natural look to their eyelashes, but want some good pigment.  It didn’t give me the vixen eyelashes.  However, it didn’t irritate my eyes at all, and was very easy to take off.  I noticed they had a tip to put some of their powder on your eyelashes before putting on the mascara, so of course I tried it.  And they were right!  It really gave my lashes an extra boost of volume and thickness-which is how I love them to look.  I just took my kabuki brush and dusted my eyelashes, and then applied the mascara.  If you’re looking for a clean and simple mascara this is your baby.  Retails for $16.95.



Ok, this is a must get product in my book!  I literally have used it everyday since I got it.  It gives my lips the perfect subtle pink color with some serious shine.  I described it on Instagram like this- If lipstick and gloss had a baby this is what it would be.  It gives more color than a typical gloss, but with none of the goopiness.  And does it give you some serious shine!  Oh and don’t get me started on how hydrating it is.  I haven’t even been applying a lip balm beforehand because it’s so moisturizing.  Like I said you all need this, it’s been on repeat in my makeup routine.  And I love how they use Caesalpinia Saapan Bark Exract instead of Carmine for the pigment.  It retails for $14.20-you guys what are you waiting for?!

Would love to hear if you have tried any of these products and your thoughts.  Leave me a comment!

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