Ok, it’s finally here, my Top Natural Deodorant Picks.  I’ve been working on this thing for too long, and I’m so excited to finally share it with you guys!  Besides sharing my favorite natural alternatives to mainstream deodorants, I really wanted to share the toxic burden mainstream deodorants carry.  This is one area of going green that I want to shout from the rooftops!  Why?  Because everyday people use deodorant, or at least most of us should.  Maybe you can get away with every other day, but you get my point.  Multiply that by 365 days and you’re rubbing toxins on yourself daily!

So what is this toxic load I speak of?  Well, let’s first talk about the biggest offender when it comes to mainstream deodorant, anti-perspirant.  Aluminum is put in deodorant for the sole purpose of blocking your pores from sweating.  In essence so you don’t get wet.  There’s a problem though, we were made to sweat, and our body uses sweat as a way to rid ourselves of toxins.

So where does the aluminum go?  Into our blood stream, fatty tissue, and can settle into breast tissue.  Unlike toxic food that can be broken down once digested, chemicals we put on our body cannot.  Instead they find a home in our fat and can wreak havoc.  Specifically in breast tissue.  A quote from the Journal of Inorganic Bio-chemistry states, “Over 50% of breast cancers start in the upper outer quadrant of the breast local to the underarm region.”  Although, that doesn’t equate to aluminum causing breast cancer, it certainly lays a case for it.  Plus, it’s not just the application of the antiperspirant but the application onto underarms that have just been shaven.  The broken skin makes it even more permeable for the aluminum to get into the body.  Why take the risk if you don’t have too?!

And the crazy part about it all?  Aluminum isn’t the only toxic ingredient in your mainstream anti-perspirant.  Even if you’re using a mainstream deodorant without the aluminum you’re still putting harmful toxins in your body.  I can’t forget triclosan, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol and fragrance.  These all do a number in your body too, and I’m not talking a happy number!  Your best bet is to make the switch over to a non-toxic deodorant that’s free from all the toxic offenders.

Now, I know this can be a tricky thing to do-trust me.  I sweat and I sweat a lot!  However, I have picked up some tips to make the transition easier.



  • DRINK WATER– Sounds like a no brainer but not drinking enough water can leave your body stagnat-nothings moving and that’s not good.  Make sure you’re drinking enough water for your body weight and having consistent bowel movements.


  • CONSIDER YOUR FOOD- Often times what we eat has a direct effect on our smell.  If you’re putting junk into your body, i.e. refined sugar, white flour, processed foods etc. then chances are you’re going to smell it too.  Eating more leafy greens and fruits causes your body to have a sweeter smell.  Also, some foods even if they are healthy can cause you to smell just because of their makeup. Be mindful of when you eat odor causing foods that may take your stench to a whole new level. Avoid these foods for a bit to see if your odor improves.  


  • EXFOLIATE UNDERARMS- It’s time to slough off all that bacteria and make sure your underarms are clean.  Getting rid of the bacteria and creating a clean canvas will help ensure you’re not creating further stench.


  • SWEAT- Many people don’t like to hear it but sweating is actually one of the best ways to detox naturally.  It pushes the toxins out of your body.  I’ve noticed myself I always smell better when I’m consistently getting a good sweat on through some form of exercise.  Also, epsom salt baths are great for helping to sweat, as well as saunas.  If your glands have been blocked for so many years chances are they have some mucous and bacteria buildup.  Remember sweating is a good thing!  Your body may even go through a period where you sweat a little more during the transition-totally normal.  Your body will adjust.


  •  CLOTHING- For the first several weeks consider the clothes you wear.  Opt for material such as merino wool, bamboo, hemp and cotton-all natural fibers.  Avoid synthetic fibers which can trap sweat and help breed bacteria.  Choose loose fitting, breathable clothing.


  • SWITCH PRODUCTS UP- Change your deodorant after a while.  If you notice after several months your deodorant isn’t working anymore-switch it up.  Sometimes your body can get accustomed to one and it’s good to switch it up.  I’ve had this happen to myself and others have shared the same thing with me.


  • WATCH YOUR SHAVE- To avoid irritation, don’t apply your deodorant right after you shave.  Since your pores will be open and fresh, it’s best to avoid putting the deodorant on right away.  It may cause irritation and redness.  Give it some time.  If you can, shower the night before and apply in the morning or wait an hour to apply after you shower in the morning.  An hour gives your pores a chance to close up.


  • DON’T GIVE UP– Just because one natural deodorant doesn’t work or you’re still feeling like you smell, don’t give up!  It takes time for your body to acclimate and this may not be a quick fix.  Ask around, be diligent de-toxing, and eventually you’ll reap the rewards.

Ok, enough of the nitty gritty.  Let’s get to my review of the deodorants.  I have some all-stars, my hub’s favorites and some that just didn’t work for me.  Also, something for every budget!  One thing to keep in mind is every person is so different. Deodorant is such a personal choice.  What works for one, may not work for another.  It could be body chemistry, irritation, or just scent.  I also had the help of my 3 sisters who tested them out as well with me.


Green Tidings-(Vegan & Gluten Free)

Green tidings

This deodorant is a rock star in my book for many reasons. I’ve been using it for a year and a half now and have a hard time switching to anything else.  It keeps me smelling fresh for more than one day.  I usually squeeze two days out of it if I’m not exercising.

Scents- Lavender or Unscented (like them both)

Longevity- Amazing, best I’ve found.

Ease of Use- Great!  The formula is smooth and it goes on so easy.

Packaging Comes in a stick form.  BPA-free recyclable container.

Staining- My hubs noticed staining on his shirts and I noticed some on a few shirts but not like he experienced.

Irritation- None, not ever!

Baking Soda- Yes

Price- $7.99 for 1oz. 2.7oz. for $14

I recommend this non-stop and will continue!  Use coupon code: gurl2016.  Code is good for 15% off all single deodorants (3-packs are already 15% off), and it is active July 19 at 2:00PST-August 14 at 11:59PM.  Use code on Amazon.com when ordering Green Tidings all natural deodorants.  and shop here.


Primally Pure-

Primal pure

This deodorant is another fave.  It gives me the protection and the fresh smell I crave.  If you can’t tolerate baking soda well they also have a sensitive version with less baking soda.

Scents- Lemongrass, Lavender, Tea Tree, Unscented (Lemongrass is my fave)

Longevity- Great!  I can go about two days with this one as well if not exercising.

Ease of Use- Goes on so smooth and easy, no harsh rubbing to get it on.

Packaging- Comes in a stick form that’s BPA free.

Staining- My hubs noticed staining but I didn’t.

Irritation- None

Baking Soda- Yes

Price- $12

This is such a great natural deodorant that not only works but is friendlier on the budget as well.  Use code: gurlgonegreen for 10% off your purchase.  Shop here for Primally Pure deodorant.

Piper Wai-(Vegan & Gluten Free)


This deodorant’s big ingredient they talk about is charcoal.  Charcoal absorbs 1,000x it’s weight in moisture, keeping you drier longer.  I really love the smell!  This deodorant definitely kept me drier longer it seemed.

Scents- One scent, and it lists on the ingredients a proprietary blend of 11 essential oils. Smells very minty to me, which I love.

Longevity- It did hold up as far as wetness factor, but it didn’t hold up as long as Green Tidings or Primally Pure as far as smell.  I felt I started to smell halfway through on day two.

Ease of Use- It comes in a jar versus a stick form.  I do love that it comes in glass, however, as a mom it’s just one more step to dip my finger in and have to wash them afterwards.  You only need a pea size amount and you need to warm it up a little before applying it to your underarms.

Packaging- Glass jar

Staining- None

Irritation- None

Baking Soda- Yes

Price- $11.99

This deodorant has a great smell and definitely keeps you dry, if you’re up for using your fingers.  Use coupon code:   YEA10 and  receive 10% off your order, and they’ll donate 10% of the order cost to YEA-Philadelphia, a program that provides entrepreneurship classes to middle and high school students. Shop Piper Wai here.

Meow Meow Tweet- (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Meow D

This deodorant goes on smooth and smells so good!  They have a couple difference formulas.  I tried the baking soda free formula and the deodorant sticks.

Scents- Lemon Eucalyptus and Lavender Bergamot (love lemon eucalyptus)

Longevity- Great, really lasted after one day.  I smelled fresh still!

Ease of Use- This is where I docked some points.  I do love that it comes in a biodegradable stick form.  However, the stick broke on me as I was trying to push it up.  Unfortunately, a lot of people have given me similar feedback.  The paper packaging is a great idea but there needs to be some tweaks to make it user friendly.

Packaging- Comes in a bio-degradeable stick.

Staining- None

Irritation- None, so soothing!

Baking Soda- Yes

Price- $10 for 1 oz. and $22 for 4.5 oz.

This deodorant’s formula is spot on, just some kinks that need to be worked out as far as packaging.

Meow Meow Tweet’s Baking Soda Free Formula-(Vegan & Gluten Free)

Meow Cream

This is their baking soda free formula.  Great for people sensitive to baking soda.

Scents- Grapefruit or Lavender

Longevity- For me personally it doesn’t last that long.  My underarms aren’t sensitive to baking soda normally but there was a season where I was having some irritation and this helped to calm and soothe it. I end up smelling usually at the end of the day.  Definitely not more than a one day wear for me personally.  I need the baking soda!

Ease of Use- It goes on super smooth, like butter.

Packaging- It comes in a glass jar, which I love because it’s eco-friendly but it is one more step in washing your hands after application.  It’s really just a preference for people.

Staining- None

Irritation- None, ever!

Baking Soda- No

Price- $8 for 1oz. and $14 for 2.4 oz.

This is a great option for those who are sensitive to baking soda and can’t tolerate it.  Shop here for Meow Meow Tweet’s Baking Soda free deodorant.



This is the very first natural deodorant that I tried that actually worked for me.  I remember buying it at Whole Foods when it only came in a glass jar.  Now it also comes in a stick form that has a slightly different formulation.

Scents- Lime+Bergamot(fave), Lavender+Sage, Cedarwood+Juniper, Ylang Ylang+Juniper, Fragrance Free

Longevity- Good, it definitely lasted me through a whole day and then some.

Ease of Use- Great!  It goes on smooth.  I prefer their stick to the jar-so much easier.

Packaging- They offer a glass jar and a stick version.  They used to only offer the glass jar, but so glad they offer the stick version now!

Staining- A little yellow tinge to whites is all I noticed.

Irritation- This is where I docked some points.  From time to time I would get some irritation from using it.  Nothing crazy but it did happen.  I noticed the biggest difference when I waited to apply it after shaving.

Baking Soda- Yes but they do offer one that is baking soda free for sensitive skin that uses magnesium to neutralize odor instead of baking soda.

Price- $8.99

Schmidt’s is a great all around deodorant, especially for those starting off.  It’s budget friendly and can be found at most Whole Foods.  Shop all Schmidt’s deodorant here.

Ursa Major-(gluten free)

Ursa major

This is one of my husband’s favorite deodorants-he loves it!  It worked well for me too, but was more of a one day wear and not two days, like some of them I’ve mentioned.

Scents- Hoppin’ Fresh, blend of eucalyptus, ginger, rosemary, grapefruit, chamomile and lemon.

Longevity- Good, for me it lasted a solid day and my husband thought it lasted him the whole day easily.

Ease of Use- Awesome, goes on so easy!  My hubs kept telling me, this is exactly how a deodorant is supposed to go on. It reminded him of his mainstream deodorant.

Packaging- It comes in a stick form, that’s chubby and round.

Staining- None, my hubs loved this about it too!

Irritation- None

Baking Soda- Yes

Price- $18

My hub’s gives this 5 stars easily.  A great unisex deodorant. Shop Ursa Major deodorant here. 

Rustic Maka- 

Pachy calming

This is my husband’s other favorite, he’s obsessed.  They make deodorants specially for men and women.  It didn’t work as well for me unfortunately.

Scents- Calming Fields, Citrus Gardens(in a baking soda free version and with baking soda), Naughty Butter(Unscented), Sweet Lemonade, Wild Meadows(hub’s fave scent), Rough Rivers(For Men)

Longevity- For me they didn’t last that long but my hub’s thought the longevity was great.  It would last him a whole day.

Ease of Use- Great, they go on super smooth.

Packaging- Comes in a stick form.

Staining- None at all, my hub’s really likes this!

Irritation- None

Baking Soda- Yes and then the scent Citrus Gardens also comes in a baking soda free version.

Price- $9.95

Again, my hub’s loves this deodorant too.  A great budget friendly natural pick that doesn’t stain!  Use code: GurlGG25 for 25% off until 7/31.   Shop Rustic Maka here. 


Agent Nateur-

Agent Nateur

This deodorant didn’t work for my hubs, myself or my sisters unfortunately.

Scents- One scent that has lavender and eucalyptus in it.

Longevity- It didn’t last long or keep away any wetness.  I smelled myself in a bad way half way through the day.

Ease of Use- Great, it went on super smooth.

Packaging- It comes in a chubby round stick.

Staining- It did stain my clothes and my hubs clothes too.

Irritation- None

Baking Soda- Yes

Price- $19

It does go on easily, but with the longevity of wear not there and the staining factor it was a no go for all of us.

Primal Pit Paste- 

Primal Paste

This deodorant worked ok for my hubs, but not as much for me.  It still wasn’t his fave and stained some of his shirts.

Scents- Coconut Lime, Jacked Up Jasmine, Thyme and Lemongrass, Lavender, Royal and Rogue, and Orange Creamsicle.

Longevity-  It would last halfway through the day for me and my hub’s a whole day.

Ease of Use- Not great.  This is where I docked points for sure.  It would tend to dry up in the stick form and I would have to use a lot of pressure to rub it on.

Packaging- You can get it in a glass jar or stick form.

Staining- We both experienced staining from it.

Irritation- A little but nothing crazy.

Baking Soda- Yes

Price- $8.95 for the jar and $10.95 for the stick.

This might be a good option for those first starting out into the natural deodorant world.  Just wasn’t an all star in my book.

Bare Bones-(Vegan)

Bare bones

This deodorant didn’t work for anyone in my family.

Scents- Cedarwood, and Sensitive

Longevity- Didn’t last or help with wetness.

Ease of Use- Went on smooth.

Packaging- Comes in a stick form.

Staining- It did stain.

Irritation- None

Baking Soda- Yes and they also have one that is baking soda free.

Price- $8

Great ingredients but just didn’t hold a candle to the other deodorants I’ve used.

Mr. Pitts-(Vegan)

Mr Pitts

I really like the smell of this deodorant and wish it worked for me but it didn’t.  It’s made in Australia.

Scents- They have a woman’s deodorant and a men’s deodorant. The woman’s smells very minty fresh.

Longevity- Didn’t last on me and didn’t help with wetness.

Ease of Use-  You have to use your fingers to apply which can be a little messy.

Packaging- Comes in a plastic jar.

Staining- I didn’t notice any staining.

Irritation- None

Baking Soda- Yes

Price- $19.71

This might work for some but it didn’t work for me.

Wow, that was a long post!  I hope my Top Natural Deodorant Picks helps you weed through the world of natural deodorants and find one you love.  It can be such a different experience for everyone-there are so many variables to consider.  What works for one person may not work for another.

Have you guys tried any of these?  Any that you really like I didn’t mention?  I would love to hear what you’ve been using!  Leave me a comment below.

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